Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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first year English major students - "Dahongying University" Cixi campus

This class has about 40 students which is an average number for classes in China (I have taught up top 57 students in one class and as little as 17) this class is mainly made of young women (read girls) with about 5 boys, which is also the average. The boys either choosing to work on the family farm or look for a position in one of the big cities on the south east coast of China - Education at the University level in China is very expensive.

On the blackboard in the background the students have written Chinese quotes suggesting that "the students should not forget their dreams...." great advice of course, but these students have like most students of their age in China, very little knowledge of the outside world or any expectations beyond returning to their village or 'hometown' and doing exactly what their parents insist, settling down and having families of their own.

photo: mark hobbs

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you do a great job of hope! strength