Saturday, June 22, 2013

almost not here

almost not here, originally uploaded by china.sixty4.

Via Flickr:
since Jan 2004 I have lived in China (with a short break for less than a year during 2008) it's been both amazing and frustrating. Our first daughter was born here in 2005, I turned 40, I now have less hair and more belly. I have taught English, Culture and Drama. Loved and hated it. I came for 12 months and stayed for much longer.
Thanks to all who have been witness to my evolution as a photographer and perhaps a person. I know I am both older and wiser. My gratitude to my beautiful wife and friend who has put up with the 'artist's' angst (and joys).
All images contained within the stream are dedicated to both our amazing children Lucy and Alex. Stay tuned for a new adventure