Saturday, February 27, 2010


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shanghai south railway station - its like some vast arena or stadium - crowded always and yet still void of any real life

It is a strange building, like so many in China, especially in Shanghai - It has a vastness, a function and yet it is void of life - I have always felt that a building which is full of people has "life", think of "Central Station" in New York or even a much more modern building such as the beautiful almost post modern wave like, 'Southern Cross Station' in Melbourne, Australia, the former building on the same site was called (in a very Australian way by the street that it was on) 'Spencer Street Railway Station' which functions as a shopping hub as well as of course a busy railway station, it is full of life, energy and a particular 'feel' that I'm sure the architects of the 'Shanghai South Railway Station' would be envious of if they knew about it.

photo: mhobbs

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