Monday, September 26, 2005

Huaihua - University - western campus - Lah - mien restaurant
owner - (Muslim wheat noodles restaurant) -
The Chinese have been feasting on noodles for at
least 5,000 years, since the Han dynasty. In fact, Italians
got their first taste of pasta when Marco Polo returned home
from his long trek across China with a host of exotic food items,
including noodles. The Lah-mien noodles are wheat noodles -
(Originallly from the north-west of China) In China, making
"hand-pulled" whaet noodles noodles is an art involving
holding the stretched out paste in both hands and whirling
it around several times. Then the paste is laid out on a board
and folded and refolded repeatedly. (the same as kneading bread)
Eventually the paste is transformed into long, thin, noodles.
In Huaihua it is still possible to watch vendors make
hand-pulled noodles. This man and his extended family have
travelled far from somewhere near the boarder of China
and Kazakhstan to recently open this restaurant.

photo. mhobbs

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