Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Huaihua - Yingfeng East Road - Mother and Son -
In China, 5% of the total population, namely 60,000,000 people are
physically disabled - Unless the Communist government of China
radically changes its policy toward Physical and Mental disability -
there will be more and more of people like this mother and son on
the streets of China's otherwise "developing" cities. In a country where
development continues to grow year by year at a constantly growing figure,
this type of neglect is totally unacceptable - China's human rights record
is constantly under scrutiny by the "western world" with many atrocities
committed by the state in the "name of the people" - This type of neglect
of the people by the state is often overlooked both by the Chinese
themselves and the outside world

photo. mhobbs

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